About us

Hostal Casa Confort Santiago de Cuba

I am a doctor by profession, a physiologist and cardiologist, I left Cuba more than 20 years ago, I lived in Argentina and Spain. My parents inaugurated the Hostel in 2012 working two years in it. Return to Cuba in 2014 to attend to the business.

Since then we have made many reforms, roofing and flooring the entire terrace, set it with many plants, change air conditioners, renovations of the rooms, etc., always seeking the greatest comfort to honor the name of the hostel. I love my country and I have always bet on him.

Cuba over time has remained almost intact, the environment, buildings, cars, people. I have traveled and known many countries but like Cuba, none. It is beautiful to see nature, the mountains, the sea almost intact. People are friendly and despite the shortcomings, they always smile.

I like diving, spearfishing, wood sculpture, oil painting, decoration, music, playing the saxophone, lover of motorcycles and, above all, talking and making friends.

I have achieved a friendly, friendly and respectful work team. We achieved a very good relationship with our guests. Our goal is to achieve “excellence”, that’s why we work hard every day.

We are available 24 hours to serve our guests with the greatest pleasure, our house is your home, we want you to leave pleased, with the best criteria and that you recommend to your friends and acquaintances. We want a great family around the world. Visit our.